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Who last pressed TheButton?

TheButton is a King-of-the-Hill-esque game where the username of the last person to click the button is broadcast to everyone. To join in on the fun, you can register or sign in with Google.

Basic Gameplay

You are trying to get the highest time you can in total. Whenever you click, a clock starts ticking up. Someone else can click, and start their timer. The amount of time your username is shown on screen is recorded on a leaderboard, which is occasionally reset.


Abuse is not tolerated. You may not use any form of cheating to try to get you a better score. Auto-clickers (Defined as a script or extension that clicks faster than you can, makes it easier to click, or anything that clicks while you're away) are strictly prohibited. If you find something else that can help people cheat, please report it to _iPhoenix_ via #TheButton on EFnet.

Other Informtion

There is a scoreboard of the 5 people with the highest scores, with 1st place at the top and 5th place at the bottom. Your score does not live-update, so if it doesn't, don't think that it is a bug. Using a mouse is not cheating.


As this is still in development, there may still be some bugs or typos. If you find one, please make a GitHub issue so we know about it and fix it. Any hacks available that allow users to gain unfair advantages over others should be reported to _iPhoenix_ so they can be patched. Please do not abuse cheats if they are discovered.


If you want to help with anything on this, make a fork of this repository, make your edits there, and make a pull request from that to this repository when you're done. Make sure to test it before submitting. Keeping your fork updated is your responsibility. Optimizations are always welcome. If you changed the style or the layout, when you make a pull request, include a screenshot of your new version. Please do not fake the image.

Reporting abuse

If you see someone's time increasing faster than possible, live-updating, or see them clicking like virtually at the same time they send a message on a chatting service such as IRC or Discord, report it to _iPhoenix_. If they are consistently on, like after a long period of time, clicking right after anyone that clicks, report that, and we can check their clicking history. We are trying to create as user-friendly an environment as possible.

Auto-clicking disclaimer

If you are using an auto-clicker, that shows that you are incompetent, and cannot try to play fairly and let others have fun. If we find out that you are using an auto-clicker, you will recieve a warning, and if you do it again, you will be banned for a time. (You can appeal your ban on a Google Form) Attempting to get around that ban will not get you anywhere, and you will be instantly banned, and have your ban time lengthened. This is supposed to be fun, and if you think it's so boring that you have to use an auto-clicker, then don't play. Trying to hack the database is also not accepted. the same consequences will apply, as well as the fact that you shouldn't play if you have to hack in order to "win". If you know someone is using an auto-clicker, whether they tell you, or you see them (if you are in the same place), report them to _iPhoenix_, but please do not lie.