Welcome to Mys.

Mys is a programming language.

But it is also a challenge.

No documentation is provided. Try to complete the challenges below.

Trying to deobfuscate or debug the source code is cheating, and sharing large amounts of Mys syntax secrets ruins the fun for all future users. The point of the language is for new users to discover things for themselves. Don’t ruin it for others. If you don’t like that, then stop using Mys and ignore this whole thing.

You should submit your source here if you accomplish a challenge. Do not post it or anything, because then people might figure out the syntax. (Hopefully you understand the point of Mys by now. The syntax is supposed to by a mystery)

Challenge progression available here

Completed Challenges (spreadsheet)

Have fun. Link to interpreter

If you are stuck, use a hint.

Found a bug? Use the challenge submission form linked above, but say that the challenge is "bug report", instead of an actual challenge name.

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