Hello, I'm _iPhoenix_, and I make open-source* things.

I made this cool thing called UniChat. You should check it out.

I have a Cemetech Account where I post some of my projects, and I even have a Codewalrus Account, even though you might not be able to see it.

You can check out my GitHub account here, and my StackOverflow account can be viewed here.

I made a cool programming challenge called "Mys". I wrote an interpreter here.

TheButton is a really cool online King-of-the-Hill style game. It's really simple and intuitive, just sign in with Google and click the button!

* partially because I can't figure out how to make closed-source things. I rant about why I keep (almost) everything I do open-source a LOT. It might be a full half-hour every day, on average.